OCP Summit 2022 Showcase

Building Blocks for the Future of Open.

Inspur deepens open innovations to address diverse data center applications including cloud, enterprise, AI, and storage with continued collaborations with technology partners. Also featured this year are a DC-SCM (Data Center Ready Secure Control Module) design to decouple controller from motherboard and simplify server management, as well as end-to-end liquid cooling capabilities to advance data center sustainability goals.

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Technology Collaborations

Partnerships with Samsung, Ampere and Habana to bring deeper solution offerings by integrating various technologies on innovative open designs.

Inspur DC-SCM Module Design

Follows OCP DC-SCM 1.0 specification, decoupling controllers and hardware resources to enable modular server management on a common form factor.

OCP Inspired™ Platforms

Platforms leveraging open architecture, high performance, high memory density and efficiency to support data-intensive cloud and enterprise workloads.


Technology Collaborations

Open Storage Based on Poseidon V2 E3.x Reference System

The next stage of Inspur and Samsung’s open hardware partnership, the Poseidon V2 open solution with E3.S. High-density E3.S on Inspur’s 2U next-generation CPU architecture brings greater performance and flexible expansion for a variety of workloads.

V2 Main Features:

  • Higher Performance with PCIe Gen5
  • Greater Capacity with EDSFF E3 Form Factor
  • Flexible Expansion with AI/ML accelerators, CXL Memory Expanders
  • Two Types of Backplanes Supporting E3.S and 2T

Modular Design, Versatile Configurations:

High-Performance Shared Storage:
E3.S SSD x 24
High-Memory Server for Cloud Service:
CXL Memory Expander x 8
+ SSD x 8
Accelerator Server for AI/ML:
E3.S SSD x 8 + SmartSSD x 8

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ARM-Based OCP Platform for Cloud-Native Workloads

Inspur and Ampere collaboration on OCP Inspired™ AArch64-Based OCP platform.

  • 2U, 2x Ampere Altra / Altra Max CPU, up to 128 Arm v8.2+ 64-bit CPU cores at 3.00 GHz
  • 16x 72-bit DDR4-3200 channels: up to 32 DIMMs per system (2DPC)
  • Up to 4 TB of DRAM memory support per socket

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OAM Platform with Habana® Gaudi®2

Built on open standards and the latest acceleration technologies — Habana® Gaudi®2 deep learning processors — to tackle performance-intensive AI applications.

NF5688M7 OAM Platform

  • Features 8x Gaudi2 OAM-compliant Mezzanine Cards, TDP 600W
  • Dual-socket Intel® Xeon® Sapphire Rapids Host CPUs, up to 350W
  • Multiple I/O configuration, support 8 400G CX7, OCP and Smart NICs
Gaudi®2 AI Mezzanine

  • OCP Accelerator Module V1 .1 compliant
  • 96GB of HBM2e memory at 2.45GB/sec bandwidth
  • 48MB of SRAM
  • 24x 100 Gigabit Ethernet RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) ports integrated on-chip
  • Integrated Media Processing
  • 5730 images/sec on ResNet-50 of Training throughput on single Gaudi2

Inspur DC-SCM (Data Center Ready Secure Control Module) Design

Follows OCP DC-SCM 1.0 specification, decoupling controllers and hardware resources to enable modular server management on a common form factor.

  • Decouples motherboard (HPM) and management unit (DC-SCM, Data Center Security & Control Module) to enable modular server management on a common form factor
  • Integrated to support PFR and TPM on management board

End-to-End Liquid Cooling Capabilities

Inspur utilizes a variety of cooling methods like warm water cooling, cold-plate cooling, hybrid cooling and liquid/hybrid CDUs across server design to rack-scale integration and deployment.

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NF5260FM6 Liquid-Cooled Server

General-purpose server designed for large data centers that balances performance, serviceability, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency.

  • Hybrid air-liquid cooling 
  • Liquid-cooling mode for high-power consumption modules, such as processors
  • Air-cooling mode for low-power consumption modules, such as drives and I/O cards
  • Unique front I/O design extends the life cycle of thermosensitive components and enables easy operation and maintenance
  • Hassle-free deployment with custom-tailored integration and rack-scale system delivery

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