Open Infrastructure Solutions

Innovations and collaborations driving efficient, sustainable data centers to support next generation applications.

Building Better Data Centers with Open Innovation

Inspur collaborates actively with open source communities to support various open hardware projects, designing and developing solutions based on the latest open standards to help customers build future-ready data centers for today and tomorrow’s industry.

Inspur Open Hardware Platforms & Solutions

Inspur offers a comprehensive range of open infrastructure platforms for OCP (Open Compute Project) and Open19, two of the world’s leading organizations for open data center standards.

Why Choose Open Hardware?

With today’s exponential data growth, conventional proprietary hardware is increasingly struggling to support the pressure of industry demands. As a result, technology leaders worldwide began a movement of open source collaboration in a variety of data center avenues — energy, design, infrastructure — to build nimble, adaptive, sustainable systems. Their goal: to produce the most efficient, scalable data center for the evolving market.



Designed to serve the hyperscale data center, open hardware delivers leading scalability and flexibility.



By employing vanity-free and optimized designs, open hardware minimizes both data center operational cost and energy footprint.



Thanks to ongoing vigorous collaboration among technology leaders, open standard innovations are always the latest and greatest.

Inspur and Open Technology

Inspur and open hardware is a natural fit. We bring our robust experience in hardware design to projects in open standards, and our technology offerings feature the optimized efficiency, high-performance, and flexibility that open computing initiatives require.

Inspur pledges the highest level of commitment to bringing open standards to the next-generation cloud data center industry, having spearheaded significant global open platform projects like the ODCC “Scorpio”, among others, and most recently the world’s first OCP-Accepted™ compute node based on the Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Family. Inspur also plays an active part in leading open computing organizations, notably as OCP Foundation’s Platinum member and an Open19 early major participant.

All Open Standards Welcome

Inspur is the only hardware provider in the world participating in and contributing to all open data center platforms and projects.

Ingenuity at the Design Level

Inspur leverages its history of hardware design innovation to create hardware solutions that can bridge disparate open standards and fulfill their core initiatives.


Inspur has the robust capability to supply, scale, and support mission-critical cloud data center deployments all over the world.

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