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CVPR 2022

CVPR 2022

Thanks for visiting Inspur at CVPR!

The Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition is a premier annual conference on computer vision and pattern recognition, featuring advanced AI topics and workshops that attract students, academics, researchers and industry leaders across the field.

At the conference, Inspur showcased AI capabilities, research and end-to-end solutions to accelerate scientific discovery and empower technology innovation. 


Record-Breaking High Performance Servers for AI Training & Inference

Flexible PCIe Servers for Variety of Configurations

Solution for Large-Scale Digital Twin Simulations

21-Inch OCP-Compliant Open AI Accelerator

AIStation All-In-One AI Resource Management Platform

Research Theses

“CoDo: Contrastive Learning with Downstream Background Invariance for Detection”

Read Thesis Here

“Scene Representation in Bird’s-Eye View from Surrounding Cameras with Transformers”

Read Thesis Here


Video Highlights