Past Event

GTC 21

GTC 2021

Join Inspur at GTC from April 12th – 16th, 2021!

The conference for AI, technologists, and creatives. Join us for breakthroughs in AI, data center, accelerated computing, healthcare, intelligent networking, game development, and more. Discover the advanced technologies that are transforming today’s industries.

Speaking Sessions

A100 GPU Server Acceleration Cases in Various AI Scenarios

April 12th, 9:30am (PST)
Lei Wang, Senior Product Manager, Inspur Information

Quantitative Analysis of the Scalability of Massive NLP Model Training

April 12th, 9:30am (PST)
Xudong Zhao, AI Framework Parallel Development Engineer, Inspur Information

Inspur AI Station Platform: Training and Deploying AI Models Efficiently with GPUs

April 12th, 9:30am (PST)
Baoran Li, R&D Engineer, Inspur Information

Inspur Powers New Applications of Intelligent Edge Computing

April 14th, 6:00pm (PST)
Zining Wang, Senior Product Manager, Inspur Information