Past Events
March 14–15, 2019

OCP Global Summit

Open innovation powered by AI.

Join Inspur at the OCP Global Summit booth #C5 from March 14 to 15 to see dynamic, accelerated solutions for the open data center, based on innovations in AI, cloud optimization and rack management.

Product Showcase

This year we’re exploring new avenues to enable open infrastructure benefits in broader applications:

  1. Dynamic AI solutions for the open data center
  2. High-density cloud optimized platforms
  3. Rack management and open RMC software for OCP


19″ Standard Server Rack Solutions

4-Socket Server for Hyperscale Cloud Workloads

Olympus 4-Socket Server: NF8380M5

Based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus open standard to provide a modular and flexible open compute standard for cloud workloads.

NF8380M5 Product Page »

High-Density Cloud-Optimized Platform

Flexible High-Density 2U 4-Socket Server: NF8260M5 

High-density, flexible server with ultra-dense memory design, scalable 4P performance, up to eight PCI-E expansion cards and two 2000W power supplies. Delivers 18TB of memory in a single platform and up to 360TB in a 42U rack. Fully optimized with Intel’s latest Optane DC persistent memory.

NF8260M5 Product Page »

Advanced New Architecture for AI

This configuration offers increased computational efficiency through a 4-socket design, and delivers 0.5TB aggregated memory at 16TB/s.

  • higher GPU P2P bandwidth of 2.4TB/s
  • higher GPU memory bandwidth of 16TB/s
  • greater full bandwidth GPU clustering aggregation of 16 GPU
4-Socket Server for Hyperscale Cloud Workloads: NF8380M5 

Based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus, delivers M.2 riser flash array expandability for GPU, FPGA, and NVMe to enable flexible configurations for multi-purpose applications.

NF8380M5 Product Page »

8U 16GPU Supercomputing Server: AGX-5

Equipped with 16 NVIDIA Tesla® V100 Tensor Core GPUs, delivers 2 Petaflops of performance and NVSwitch™ fabric interconnectivity.

AGX-5 Product Page »


21″ OCP Rack Solutions

Composable Infrastructure and Open RMC

Inspur’s GPU Composable Infrastructure rack, integrated with Liqid Composable, delivers unparalleled rack-scale agility and enables dynamic configuration, allocation and deployment of GPU elements.

High Expansion OCP Compute Node: ON5293M5

Provides high I/O expansion supporting 1 PCIe 3.0 x16 or 2 PCIe 3.0 x8, ideal for data acceleration.

ON5293M5 Product Page »

High-Density NVlink GPU Expansion: ON5388M5 

This high-density JBOG features an NVlink-enabled architecture that provides flexible topology for different applications.

ON5388M5 Product Page »

AI Inferencing

I/O Expansion OCP Compute Node ON5293M5 + Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card (Intel® PAC)

Compute node’s high I/O expansion paired with Intel PAC® and OpenVINO enables massive data acceleration and rapid AI scaling.

ON5293M5 Product Page »

Inspur OCP Contributions

As a longtime collaborator in the OCP community, Inspur has contributed a number of hardware innovations in compute, storage and GPU platforms based on the newest open standards.

OCP Compute Nodes

High-Density: ON5163M5 » | Energy-Efficiency: ON5263M5 » | I/O Balance: ON5273M5 »

OCP AI Node: ON5488M5 

Designed for hyperscale data center AI training applications. Ultra-high GPU density and optimized architecture for AI.

ON5488M5 Product Page »

OCP Storage JBOD: ON5266M5 

34 hard-drive 2OU JBOD with NVMe SSD/HDD support and flexible architecture.

ON5266M5 Product Page »



See our product showcase page for full details.

OCP Summit 2019 Showcase »

On-Site Activities

Inspur will conduct technical speaking sessions and workshops throughout the 2-day summit, introducing our robust new lineup of open standards products and technologies.