Past Events
October 26, 2018

OCP Tech Day

Thank you to everyone who attended the Inspur OCP Tech Day on October 26. We hope you’ve all enjoyed the topics discussed, and learned many helpful insights in open technology.

Keynote slides are available for download at the links below.



Wilson Guo, Sr. Technology Director

“Accelerating the Adoption of Open Computing in the New Data Era”

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Chris Buerger, Head of Customer Success Team, Intel Rack Scale Design

“Advancing Data Center Agility at Scale”

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Anu Murthy, Director of Business Development

“Seagate Nytro SSD Solutions Optimized for the Data Centre”

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William Tsu, Director of Product Management

“GPU use cases and server architecture for data center”

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OCP Hardware Management:

Sai Dasari (Facebook), John Leung (Intel), Alfie Lew (Inspur)

“Managing Cloud Hardware”

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OCP Foundation:

Archna Haylock, Community Director

Closing Remarks

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