• GX4-2UJBOG
  • GX4-2UJBOG
  • GX4-2UJBOG
  • GX4-2UJBOG
  • GX4-2UJBOG
GX4 2U Quad GPU Box
Flexible Expansion, Ultra High-Performance.

Key Features:

  • 2U quad GPU AI Expansion Box
  • Flexible configuration
  • Scale up and out
  • NVMe box implementation


The Inspur GX4 is a quad GPU in a 2U form factor supercomputer expansion box, designed for AI&HPC applications. It supports multiple configurations designed to meet demanding applications. The pooling of compute and storage resources, such as GPU or NVMe SSD, delivers high performance and low TCO.


Feature GX4 
Form Factor 2U
Dimensions 17.13in x 3.44in x 29.53in (W x H x D)
Processor ARM-58522 Management Chip
GPU Expansion NVIDIA-certified. Supports 4 GPU accelerators, such as V100, P100, P40, M40, K80, M60, M10, etc.
Chipset 5822
Memory NA
Hard Disk Controller NVMe
Raid Depends on add-in RAID card, supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
Storage 16 2.5-inch U.2 hard drives
I/O Expansion slot 1 PCI-E3.0 expansion slot, 4 mini PCIe 4-bit lines
Integrated I/O port 2*RJ45/2*USB Ports
Network Controller NA
Power Supply
  • 1600W 1 + 1 redundant power supply
  • Support platinum/titanium power supply
  • Single or Dual Power Supply options
  • Support PMBUS
Management IPMI 2.0 compliant with AST 2500
Supported Operating Systems Linux and Windows
System Working Environmental Temperature 10℃ — 35℃
Input Voltage 110-240V
Safety Certifications FCC, UL, CE, CCC, CU
International Certification
  • ISO9000 International Quality Management System
  • ISO14001 International Environment Management System

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