• NF5180M5
  • NF5180M5
  • NF5180M5
  • NF5180M5
  • NF5180M5
  • NF5180M5
1U 2-Socket High Density Server

Key Features:

  • Flexible Storage Configuration Options, High Performance
  • Scalable IO Options, Energy Efficient Design
  • Cost Effective Enterprise Class Server


With 2U performance packed into a compact 1U chassis, the NF5180M5 two-socket rack server delivers uncompromising density and productivity, and is ideal for virtualization, driving large business applications or running transactional databases.


Form Factor1U

Feature NF5180M5 Technical Specification
Dimensions 17.13in*3.43in*31.50in
Processor 2*Skylake CPU TDP up to 165W, support QAT and FPGA(Cascade)
GPU Maximum 4*NVIDIA Tesla P100
Chipset Intel® C620 series chipset
Memory 24*DDR4 DIMMs
Hard Disk Controller Support Add in Hard Disk Controller
Raid Depend on Add in RAID Card,  support RAID 0,1,5,10
Storage 2*SATA/PCIE(x4) M.2

Front: SKU1: 3.5” drive

  • 4*3.5” U.2 or SATA/SAS + 2*2.5” SSD or
  • 1*3.5” U.2 or SATA/SAS + 3*3.5” HDD + 2*2.5” SSD


SKU2: 2.5” drive

  • 10*2.5” U.2 or SATA/SAS or
  • 4*2.5” U.2 or SATA/SAS + 6*2.5” SATA/SAS or
  • 8*2.5” U.2 or SATA/SAS + 2*2.5” SATA/SAS



• 2*2.5” SATA SSD (only 1 PCIE x16 available)

I/O Expansion slot 2*OCP + 3*PCIE
Integrated I/O port 1* VGA/2 * USB 3.0 port /1 * Management port
Network Controller OCP NIC
Power Supply Support platinum/titanium power supply
Single or Dual Power Supply options
Support PMBUS
Management IPMI 2.0 compliant with AST 2500
Supported Operating Systems Linux and Windows
System Working Environmental Temperature 10℃ — 35℃
Input Voltage 110-240V
Safety Certifications FCC, UL, CE, CCC, CU
International Certification ISO9000 International Quality Management System

ISO14001 International Environment Management System

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