• NF5180M5 1U 2-Socket Enterprise Server
  • NF5180M5 1U 2-Socket Enterprise Server
  • NF5180M5 1U 2-Socket Enterprise Server
  • NF5180M5 1U 2-Socket Enterprise Server
  • NF5180M5 1U 2-Socket Enterprise Server
  • NF5180M5 1U 2-Socket Enterprise Server
1U 2-Socket High Density Server

Key Features:

  • Flexible Storage Configuration Options, High Performance
  • Scalable I/O Options, Energy Efficient Design
  • Cost Effective Enterprise Class Server


With 2U performance packed into a compact 1U chassis, the NF5180M5 two-socket rack server delivers uncompromising density and productivity, and is ideal for virtualization, driving large business applications or running transactional databases.


Feature NF5180M5 Technical Specification
Dimensions 435mm (W) x 43mm (H) x 751mm (D)
Processor Supports single and dual Intel® Xeon® series scalable processors
Supports up to 28 cores at a frequency of 2.2 GHz; maximum 3.6 GHz (8 cores); 2 UPI interconnected chains with maximum speed of 10.4 GT/s per chain and maximum power of 205W
GPU Maximum 4*NVIDIA Tesla P100
Chipset Intel® C621 / C622 / C624
Memory Supports up to 24* DDR4 2400/2666/2933 MT/s DIMMs; each CPU supports 12 DIMMs, two CPUs support 24 DIMMs;
each CPU supports RDIMM/LRDIMM/Optane™ PMem; supports up to 3TB (64 GB per DIMM); supports up to 512GB per Optane™ PMem
(maximum number of supported Optane™ PMem corresponds to configuration)
Storage Each front node supports up to 4* 3.5″ hard drives and 2* SATA SSD hard drives or 10* 2.5″ hard drives; each rear node supports up to 2* SATA M.2 SSDs;
each internal node supports 2* SATA M.2 or 2* PCIe M.2 SSDs
(maximum number of supported hard drives corresponds to configuration)
Storage controller SATA controller on motherboard, supports RAID 0/1/5/10;
NVMe controller interface on motherboard configurable with Intel® NVMe RAID key
Network port 10 Gb/s PHY; 10G b/s, 25 Gb/s OCP
I/O expansion slot Expands up to 2* standard PCIe x16 slots, each PCIe slot is a x8 slot
Ports Front: 1* USB2.0 port, 1* USB3.0 port (2* USB2.0 ports in 2.5 chassis), 1* VGA port, 1* UID indicator and button
Rear: 2* USB3.0 ports, 1* VGA port, 1* 1 GB management port, and 1* UID indicator and button
Internal 1* USB2.0 port, 1* serial port
Fan 7* hot-swappable N+1 redundancy dual-rotor fans
Power supply Supports 2* 550W/800W/1300W/1600W PSUs (platinum), 1+1 redundancy
System management The onboard BMC management module supports IPMI, SOL, KVM Over IP, and virtual media, and provides 1 external 1 Gb RJ45 network port
OS Supports Windows / Red Hat / SUSE / Centos / Debian / XenServer / Oracle Linux / ESXi / Ubuntu etc.
Operating temperature 5℃~-35℃
Performance benchmarks SPEC official result
Best application: Intel Xeon Gold 6238RIntel Xeon Silver 4215R

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