MX1 OAI UBB System

MX1 OAI UBB System

The MX1 is a 21-inch rack-scale system based on the Open Accelerator Infrastructure and Universal Baseboard design, providing inter-module communication for scale-up and input/output bandwidth for scale-out. Disparate network architectures supported through OAM direct connect, delivering increased efficiency, flexibility and manageability. Features two OCP interconnect topologies: Hybrid Cube Mesh (HCM), Fully Connected (FC).

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A hands-on look inside the MX1 OAI UBB system: its unique tray design, UBB integration, and connecting it to an ON5263M5 OCP compute node.

Model MX1 21″ OAI UBB System
Chassis 21” 3OU rackmount
Dimensions 537W x 141H x 868.5D (mm)
Connection with Compute node Up to PCIe Gen4 x32
OAM Support Max 8pcs 48~54V OAM (up to 450W each)
Support Max 8pcs 12V OAM (up to 350W each)
Power without OAM 1570W
PCIe Switch Support PCIe Gen4 (100 lanes/chip)
PCIe Re-timer Support PCIe Gen4 x16
Phy Re-timer 56Gbps PAM-4 or 10/28Gbps NRZ x16
Expansion Slots Up to 4 x PCle Gen4 x16 low profile standard card
I/O USB port for UART debug, RJ45 port for BMC dedicated, UID, PWR Button
Ambient Working Temperature 5-35 ℃

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