Inspur Open19 1U Half Brick for Storage




1U Half Brick: Storage OB3160A6
CPU Single AMD® EPYC™ Milan up to TDP 155W

Memory (8) DDR4 RDIMMs up to 1.0TB 3200 MHz
Storage Support (4) 2.5” Hot-swap and Front Access SATA (HDD/SSD), NVMe SSD
(2) SATA/ PCIe M.2
NIC (1) OCP 3.0 module
PCI Expansion (1) PCIe Gen4 x16 LP
Power Support per Brick 12V DC 400W Node supports Hot-swap
Management IPMI 2.0 compliant with AST 2500
Indicator Light Front: power button with LED, UID
TPM Support TPM 2.0
System Working Environmental Temperature 10°C to 35°C