Based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Family

Key Features:

  • Tool-less design for increased efficiency
  • Flexible 1OU, 2OU form factors
  • Powerful and efficient

OCP Accepted


The World’s First OCP-Accepted™ Compute Node Based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Family

The ON5263M5 is based upon the Open Rack Standard V2.0 and incorporates many of the highly desired features of OCP, making it an ideal solution for hyper-scale data centers seeking to move to the latest and most sustainable OCP standards.

Leveraging the technology advancements of the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, this compute node delivers greater performance, improved efficiency, and open source features. It can configure multi-workload appliances with a flexible design – allows enhanced I/O flexibility and enables simplified datacenter operations. To provide easy maintenance and minimize service interruptions, the ON5263M5 can be removed and replaced quickly, without the need to power down the entire rack system.

  • First OCP-Accepted Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor Motherboard
  • Tool-less design
  • Flexible in 1OU and 2OU vanity free form factors
  • Maximum power efficiency, serviceability and cost efficiency


  • Efficiency: The latest Intel® Skylake technology and industry standards to create a highly functional device that achieves an overall dynamic yet efficient infrastructure while keeping maintenance costs low.
  • Openness: The mother board design is committed to contribute IP to the OCP community; Open technology such as Open BMC, IPMITool, Linux OS, ONIE and well as nonproprietary SFP, QSFP, IB features.
  • Tool-Less Design: Capitalizing on tool-less design features for quick setup and easy maintenance, allows for rapid scalability and modular data center design for greater flexibility to Data Center Managers.



Unit Specifications
CPU 2* Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
Memory 16x DDR4 DIMMS
Storage – 2OU
  • Option1: 2* SATA/PCIe(22110) M.2+1*3.5’’ HDD
  • Option2: 2*SATA/PCIe(22110) M.2+2*2.5’’ NVMe or HDD
Storage – 1OU 1* SATA/PCIe(22110) M.2 or 2*SATA/PCIe(2280) M.2
 NIC 1* OCP card
PCIE – CPU0 PE1 x16 for NIC Mezz and PCH
PCIE – CPU0 PE2A x8 for PCIe Riser x24
PCIE – CPU0 PE2B x8 for PCIe Riser x24
PCIE – CPU0 PE3A x8 for PCIe Riser x24
PCIE – CPU0 PE3B x8 for PCIe Riser x8
PCIE – CPU1 PE3A Slimline x8
PCIE – CPU1 PE3B Slimline x8
FAN 2*80mm*56mm / 3.14”*2.2”
 TPM  TPM 2.0
 Model  2OU/1OU
  •  3* USB 3.0 ports, 1x M.2 connector
  • 1x individual SATA 6G port
  • 1x OCUlink x4 port for sata
  • 1x OCUlink x4 port for PCIE
 System Dimensions  523mm*165mm/20.6”*6.5”

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