Key Features:

  • 34* hard drive 2OU JBOD
  • NVMe SSD/HDD support
  • Flexible Architecture


With 34*hard drives and NVMe SSD/HDD support, this 2OU JBOD – the highest density storage expansion box — can be used as a storage expansion module for compute nodes or as a storage pool for the entire rack with a SAS switch.

High Density

  • 2OU 34*HDDs, improve 13% storage capacity

Energy Conservation

  • Shared power & fans
  • I/O front access for hyper-scale data centers

Flexible Architecture

  • Dual Separate Storage tray, 17 drives per tray
  • Each tray support SATA and SSD, maintain individually


Model Inspur OCP JBOD
Form Factor 2OU, Dual Separate Storage tray, 17* 3.5” HDD per tray
Expander IC PM 8054
Storage Internal: 34* 3.5″ HDD (Hot plug)
I/O 4* 4 Mini-SAS HD, 1* RJ45 management port
PSU Bus Bar
Chassis 889mm (L) × 537mm (W) × 94.7mm (H)

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