Open Storage Solution

Inspur x Samsung Open Storage Platform Collaboration
Based on Poseidon V2 E3.x Reference System

OCP-compliant disaggregated and shared storage solution

Samsung’s Poseidon V2 E3.x reference system on Inspur’s general purpose server design, contributed to OCP to offer storage solutions for leading cloud data center servers and hyperscale companies.

The Next Step in Memory Evolution with Samsung Poseidon

Samsung’s open-source project Poseidon leverages its E3.x reference system and Inspur’s general purpose server design to develop high-performance storage platforms for the cloud, enterprise and hyperscale data center. Samsung Executive Vice President Jongyoul Lee discusses the project’s journey since its announcement at OCP Summit 2020.

2U Open Solution with E3.S

High-density E3.S on Inspur’s 2U next-generation CPU architecture brings greater performance and flexible expansion for a variety of workloads.

2U V2 Solution Features

Higher Performance

with PCIe Gen5

Greater Capacity

with EDSFF E3 Form Factor

Flexible Expansion

with AI/ML accelerators, CXL Memory Expanders

Two Types of Backplanes

Supporting E3.S and 2T

V2 Key Components

Modular Design, Versatile Configurations:

High-Performance Shared Storage
E3.S SSD x 24

High-Memory Server for Cloud Service
CXL Memory Expander x 8
+ SSD x 8

Accelerator Server for AI/ML
E3.S SSD x 8 + SmartSSD x 8

1U Open Storage Solution with E1.S

E1.S on Inspur’s NF5180M6 general purpose server with OCP-compliant architecture to offer storage solutions for leading cloud data center servers and hyperscale companies.

1U Solution Features

NVMeoF Interface
Disaggregated and Shared
Contributing Hardware
Cascades with the JBOF in 1U Chassis

System Overview

NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) Offerings

Flexible 1U Supporting Compute / Storage Requirements

  • Shared motherboard reduces validation effort

  • 1U with 2.5″ SFF, 3.5″ LFF, and ES.1 Options

  • X86 based system with 3rd party software for NVMe over Fabric

Fully Redundant Design for Centralized Hot-Cache Data

  • NVMe over Fabric (Non-X86)

  • Minimized single point of failure design

  • NVMe over Fabric with 3rd party acceleration solutions

Compute and Storage Configurations in 1U Open Hardware

3 configurations:

• 10x SFF SATA / SAS / NVMe

• 4x LFF + 2x SFF Hybrid Design

• 32x E1.S High Density Cache

E1.S Backplane Overview

1U Open Storage Solution Use Case

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