Building blocks offering optimal performance, density, and efficiency for the data center.

Build the right data center for your business needs with Inspur's extensive portfolio of rack-mount servers. These advanced platforms deliver the performance, density, scalability, flexibility, and efficiency required for today's most demanding workloads and environments.

Single, Dual and Multi-Processor Servers


2U 4-Socket Enterprise Cloud Server

4x 3rd Generation Intel Xeon® Scalable® processors
Intel® Optane™ Pmem
24/25 drive configuration

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4U 4-Socket Server

4x Intel® Xeon® Scalable
Up to 48 DIMM 2666MHz
16x PCIe expansion slots

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3U 4-Socket Server

4x Intel® Xeon® Scalable
48x DDR4 DIMM slots
PCIe expansion for GPU, database configs
Hyperscale cloud workloads

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2U 4-Socket Enterprise Server

4x Intel® Xeon® Scalable, max 28 cores
8x PCIe expansions
SAP HANA certified

NF8260M5 Cloud-Optimized High Density 2U 4-Socket Server
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2U 2-Socket 4 GPU Server

4x NVIDIA® V100, T4 GPU
2x Intel® Xeon® Scalable Gold/Platinum
24x 2.5” drive bays
24x DDR4 DIMM slots

NF5280M5 2U 4GPU Dual-Socket Server
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1U 2-Socket Enterprise Server

2x Intel® Xeon® Skylake
Up to 4x NVIDIA® Tesla P100
Flexible storage configuration
Scalable I/O options

NF5180M5 1U 2-Socket Enterprise Server
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4U 8-Socket Server

8x Intel® Xeon® Skylake Gold/Platinum
Mission critical SAP HANA workloads
12T high performance memory

TS860M5 4U 8-Socket SAP HANA Mission Critical Server
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Multi-Node High-Density Servers


2U 4-Node Server

2x Intel® Xeon® Skylake
16x DIMMs per node
High performance
Flexible configuration

i24 2U 4-Node Server Front View
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4U 4/8-Node Server

2x Intel® Xeon® Scalable
4-node, 8-node configurations
Hybrid node deployment
Scalable PCIe expansion

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6U 28-Node Blade Server

Intel® Xeon® E-2100/2200
Up to 8 cores
Memory speed up to 2666MHz

i0628 Extreme Density 6U 28-Node Blade Server
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