Showcase: OCP Global Summit 2019

Expanding beyond hardware, Inspur explores new avenues to enable open infrastructure benefits in broader applications: dynamic AI solutions for the open data center, high-density cloud optimized platforms, and rack management and open RMC software for OCP.

19" Standard Server Rack Solutions

4-Socket Server for Hyperscale Cloud Workloads

Olympus 4-Socket Server: NF8380M5 

Based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus open standard to provide a modular and flexible open compute standard for cloud workloads.

NF8380M5 Product Page »

High-Density Cloud-Optimized Platform

Flexible High-Density 2U 4-Socket Server: NF8260M5 

High-density, flexible server with ultra-dense memory design, scalable 4P performance, up to eight PCI-E expansion cards and two 2000W power supplies. Delivers 18TB of memory in a single platform and up to 360TB in a 42U rack. Fully optimized with Intel’s latest Optane DC persistent memory.

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Advanced New Architecture for AI

This configuration offers increased computational efficiency through a 4-socket design, and delivers 0.5TB aggregated memory at 16TB/s.

  • higher GPU P2P bandwidth of 2.4TB/s
  • higher GPU memory bandwidth of 16TB/s
  • greater full bandwidth GPU clustering aggregation of 16 GPU

4-Socket Server for Hyperscale Cloud Workloads: NF8380M5 

Based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus, delivers M.2 riser flash array expandability for GPU, FPGA, and NVMe to enable flexible configurations for multi-purpose applications.

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8U 16GPU Supercomputing Server: AGX-5

Equipped with 16 NVIDIA Tesla® V100 Tensor Core GPUs, delivers 2 Petaflops of performance and NVSwitch™ fabric interconnectivity.

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21" OCP Rack Solutions

Composable Infrastructure and Open RMC

Inspur’s GPU Composable Infrastructure rack, integrated with Liqid Composable, delivers unparalleled rack-scale agility and enables dynamic configuration, allocation and deployment of GPU elements.

Composable Infrastructure Solutions Page »

High Expansion OCP Compute Node: ON5293M5

Provides high I/O expansion supporting 1 PCIe 3.0 x16 or 2 PCIe 3.0 x8, ideal for data acceleration.

ON5293M5 Product Page »

High-Density NVlink GPU Expansion: ON5388M5 

This high-density JBOG features an NVlink-enabled architecture that provides flexible topology for different applications.

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AI Inferencing

I/O Expansion OCP Compute Node ON5293M5 + Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card (Intel® PAC)

Compute node’s high I/O expansion paired with Intel PAC® and OpenVINO enables massive data acceleration and rapid AI scaling.

ON5293M5 Product Page »

Inspur OCP Contributions

As a longtime collaborator in the OCP community, Inspur has contributed a number of hardware innovations in compute, storage and GPU platforms based on the newest open standards.

OCP Compute Nodes

3-node compute nodes for different applications:

High-Density: ON5163M5 »
Energy-Efficiency: ON5263M5 »
I/O Balance: ON5273M5 »

OCP AI Node: ON5488M5 

Designed for hyperscale data center AI training applications. Ultra-high GPU density and optimized architecture for AI.

ON5488M5 Product Page »

OCP Storage JBOD: ON5266M5 

34 hard-drive 2OU JBOD with NVMe SSD/HDD support and flexible architecture.

ON5266M5 Product Page »


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