Inspur Trusted Supply Chain

Add assurance to your supply chain to increase trust with customers.

With the rapid development of data centers, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, the ability to provide customers with safe and reliable hardware platforms has become one of the core competencies of major hardware manufacturers. Having a secure and controlled supply chain plays an important role in delivering high-quality products for data center customers.

TSC Certification

As one of the world’s top three server vendors, Inspur has been working with Intel to establish a more transparent and controllable supply chain system. By adhering to the Intel® Transparent Supply Chain (TSC) process, we are improving our manufacturing processes in order to provide safer, more reliable server product solutions that our customers can trust.

White Papers and Resources

White Paper: Inspur TSC Process

In this white paper, learn how the Inspur TSC Process works in detail, the major steps Inspur has taken to complete the Intel TSC certification requirements, and the business values TSC brings to Inspur.

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White Paper: Intel End-to-End Supply Chain Traceability

In this white paper, learn how the Intel® Transparent Supply Chain, built on Ethereum blockchain, creates a step-by-step immutable transaction record.

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Article: Add Trust to Your Supply Chain, by Tom Dodson

Tom Dodson of Intel Corporation/Business Client Products explains how manufacturers can add trust and transparency to their supply chain in the age of IoT.

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TSC Certified Products / Undergoing Certification

As Inspur continues to undergo the Intel TSC process, all products in Inspur’s portfolio will eventually become certified.

Inspur can certify any product per customer request.

AGX-2 (2U 8GPU Server)

High performance, high density 8GPU server with NVIDIA® NVLink™ 2.0 enabled

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AGX-5 (8U 16GPU Server)

Extreme performance AI server with 16 NVIDIA Tesla® V100 Tensor Core GPUs

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High density cloud-optimized server with 4P performance and up to 8 PCI-E expansions for GPUs and network adapters

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High density server with support for 2x Intel Xeon Scalable processors

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